Citrix produces software that provides new ways for businesses and people to work better together. Citrix solutions power business mobility through secure, mobile workspaces that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops, data, and communications on any device, over any network and cloud. Since 2001, Citrix has had a company mandate to gather new internal and external parties to improve their company products & processes.


At one point, Citrix gathered this feedback via email but found it harder to scale to the high level of suggestions they received and identify more prominent themes.

They set out to select an idea management software vendor who could help them gather ideas and bring those ideas to life. In the end, Citrix chose IdeaScale as their innovation management solution.


Citrix encouraged employees to suggest ideas for product or process improvements within their IdeaScale community. Employees learned about IdeaScale on their employee intranet and, recently, on their dedicated innovation site. When an idea in their community looks promising, a group of subject matter experts can quickly sort it out for review with the appropriate department.

Over two years, Citrix gathered over 1,800 ideas from over 2,000 users and helped foster a culture of innovation company-wide. The system has evolved from a community used to steward incremental change to one that seeks disruptive, market-changing ideas.

“Our IdeaScale community is one of the best ideas for anyone at Citrix to share their ideas with the company leadership”, said Adam Jaques, Director of Strategic Services and Operations for Citrix Labs at Citrix, “We love having an agile partner who is an expert in innovation management so that we can work to engage 13,000 employees across our enterprise.”

The Evolving Landscape of Innovation at Citrix

Looking ahead, Citrix remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation. The organization continues to empower its extensive workforce, encouraging the sharing of ideas that not only shape the future of the company but also contribute to the broader landscape of the technology industry.

Let’s co-create the future together!

IdeaScale is an innovation management solution that links organizations to people with ideas.

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