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Bring your ideas to life and visually collaborate with the online whiteboard
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How Online Whiteboard Works

Online whiteboard create visual ideas, pair them with tasks, and effortlessly push them into your existing innovation workflow— your visual collaboration tool


Connect, collaborate, and create visual stories — together anytime, anywhere.

Go beyond written ideas. Brainstorm and create visually striking ideas in real-time or asynchronously using the online whiteboard.

Real time Brainstorming
Kanban Task Manager


Enhance your ideas with everything visual on the online whiteboard — diagrams, flows, maps, and boards.

Create visual diagrams, and attach Kanban-style tasks to your ideas to make them more implementable than ever.


Push your visual ideas into your innovation workflow with one click.

Once you’re done, submit your whiteboard as a new idea or connect it with existing ones on IdeaScale or popular project management tools without switching platforms.

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Start Your Online Whiteboard In Seconds

Launch your ideas fast with our online whiteboard,
Here are a wide range of innovation templates and building blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a global moderator, global administrator, or custom administrator, you can access IdeaScale Whiteboard through the profile drop-down after logging into IdeaScale
IdeaScale Whiteboard has a free version that is available to all licenses. Please contact our sales team if you would like to upgrade to the unlimited version of IdeaScale Whiteboard.

Using the Whiteboard is as easy as it gets. Start by opening a board to familiarize yourself with the collaboration tools at your disposal. Click the tool icons on top of the board to place any visual elements, such as shapes, notes and text. To edit, click on the element itself. For more in-depth instructions, please read our support articles.

You’ll find all access permissions in the board sharing settings. Once you’re inside the board, open the sharing modal to edit the access permissions for people in your organization, those with the sharing link, and individuals you’ve invited to the board. You can switch permissions between edit, view, and no access.

Please read our support articles to get the most out of IdeaScale Whiteboard. They cover not just how to use the whiteboard, but also how to navigate the settings and understand user permissions. Additionally, you can subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get notified about our future video guide release.