How government teams transform their cultures

Move beyond the suggestion box with a dynamic idea space that engages employees at all levels, and fuels collaboration across teams. Shift your organizational culture to be more inclusive, creative, and productive.

How government teams transform their culture

We Are FedRAMP Certified!

IdeaScale is the only idea management platform that has achieved full FedRAMP certification. In fact, our security protocol and code base has passed the test of some of the most secure and advanced organizations in government that we can’t name who they are.

FedRAMP Certified!!
Engage empower

Engage and Empower

Give everyone in your organization a voice—and every idea the light of day—on an easy-to-use platform where you can collect, prioritize, and act on the best solutions to government challenges large and small.

  • Share ideas and proposals

  • Link similar ideas and build on concepts
  • Bring ideas from solution to development and launch

Break down silos and hierarchies by enabling people to self-organize around ideas and provide diverse perspectives. Organically surface the best ideas and drive them forward—together.

  • Vote and comment on ideas
  • Allow for anonymous idea submission and visibility
  • Build teams to champion ideas and see them through development
Fuel Collaboration

Fuel Collaboration

Eliminate management burden

Eliminate the Management Burden

IdeaScale is a social network on the front end and an IRM (Idea Relation Management) platform on the back end where you can easily collect and connect ideas, and make data-driven decisions on the best ideas to develop into projects.

  • Automate workflow and connect apps you already use
  • Calculate ROI of ideas and proposals using organization-wide dashboards
  • Track activity trends for campaigns, groups, dates, and more

Our Customers

Our Customers

Our Customers

Common Ways Customers Leverage IdeaScale

  • Strategic Plan RFIs
  • Virtual Innovation Events
  • Cross-Agency Collaboration
  • DEI Initiatives
  • Executive Orders
  • Digital Transformation Projects
  • FEVS Employee Engagement
  • External Partner Engagement
  • Cost-saving Initiatives
  • On-premise Solutions
Customers Leverage Ideascale

4.5+ million

users empowering innovation with IdeaScale.

Toyota empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
Cisco empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
Freddie Mac empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
NYU empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
Mcdonalds empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
Terget empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
US Air Force empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
Nasa empowering innovation with IdeaScale.
United Way empowering innovation with IdeaScale.

Find solutions to your biggest challenges and co-create the future.