IdeaScale Platform Services

Harnessing the Power of IdeaScale

Powerful innovation starts as an idea. So we created an intuitive space where the best ideas thrive based on their merit and relevance to the most important challenges.

Idescale Platform service

Why Choose IdeaScale Platform Services?

Platform Setup & Campaign Design

We get it. A new platform can be daunting, and we’ve found successful adoption starts at setup. So we work side-by-side with your team to configure your community and campaigns to suit your needs.

  • Community and Campaign Branding
  • Campaign Design, Configuration, and Launch
  • Third-Party Application Integrations

End-to-end Platform Training & Certification

We train and certify your team to design and execute successful innovation workflows and campaigns.

  • Administrator, Moderator, SME, and Customer Platform Training
  • Campaign Moderation and SME Strategy
  • Campaign Reporting and Analysis
Platform Training & Certification
Ongoing Platform Support

Ongoing Platform Support

We can be by your side every step of the way with ongoing platform support beyond your first campaign. We offer a variety of add-on services, from support in running multiple campaigns, to maximizing every feature, to harnessing the ideas and energy of your community.

  • Innovation Team Comprehensive Support
  • Scale Your Innovation Program
  • Custom Reporting and Performance Analysis
  • ROI Strategy

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