Why Choose IdeaScale?

IdeaScale is an idea management software solution that helps organizations empower their workforce.

With IdeaScale, businesses can capture the ideas of their employees and streamline their development in order to maximize the impact of each idea.

Let your employees know you’re listening to them.

Why choose Ideascale

IdeaScale is Built to Help Grow your Company

IdeaScale is Built to Help Grow your Company

IdeaScale offers a cutting-edge solution to help businesses use ideation to turn their ideas into actionable plans. It allows leaders and workers to cooperate with a common understanding of goals and an equal share of engagement in improving an organization. Ideas can be developed to have the most significant impact when everyone is on the same page.


11% Difference in revenue growth in favor of more innovative organizations.


30% Organizations with highly aligned business and innovation strategies and a pro-innovation culture have a 30% higher growth in enterprise value.

How IdeaScale Works?

IdeaScale is a highly customizable software designed to help organizations take advantage of internal innovation.

Ideascale software

IdeaScale Software

Need to harness your idea engine? We provide an idea hub to ideate, store, process and organize around your company’s best ideas.

Ideascale Services

IdeaScale Services

Need help getting started or scaling? We offer expertise to ensure success right from the start.

Ideascale crowd

IdeaScale Crowd

Need ideas? We have a curated group of 30,000+ problem-solvers, design-thinkers & ideators.

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The Importance of Innovation

Unforeseen challenges are inevitable when it comes to running a business. Innovation can help companies to reinforce their market position and provide growth opportunities in the process.

The most successful companies incorporate innovation into their business strategies. Without a dedicated tool, managing ideas can quickly become a jumble of loosely defined and unconnected processes, which can lead to:

Disconnection among ideators & management, misaligning priorities on how to move forward

Employees’ ideas going unheard, decreasing engagement

DiMissing competitive opportunities, forcing companies to play catchup instead of gaining an advantage

Standout from the Competition

Innovation management is critical to having a sustainable business because it enables a company to foster and develop ideas that directly impact its future. Doing something new, untested, or unproven may seem risky. However, the biggest risk of all for a business in today’s high-velocity environment may be deciding not to innovate.
Nearly two-thirds of organizations admit to missing growth opportunities, which is why you need innovation management software that connects your entire workforce. Our cloud-based platform helps manage all stages of innovation, from launching ideas among community members to collating feedback, review, and final implementation.