Amplify Innovation with IdeaScale Integration

You need IdeaScale in order to capture, develop, prioritize and select ideas that are occurring naturally in your ecosystem and package them into your organizational outputs: projects and data. IdeaScale works with the systems you already use.

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Bridging Innovation Inputs to Outputs

Discover the Power of Integration for Enhanced Idea Management and Team Collaboration

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Facilitate industry collaboration and networking. Enable professionals to share and discuss innovative ideas.

Faster Revenue Growth

MS Teams

Enhance team collaboration and project management. Create a unified workspace for ideation.

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Real-time collaboration and communication within your team. Ensure your seamless idea sharing.

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Social Share

Amplify ideas and engagement with social sharing platforms. Extend the reach of innovative concepts.

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Google Analytics

Gain valuable analytics on user engagement and innovation trends. Optimize your innovation strategy.

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Power BI

Leverage data-driven insights. Enable dynamic visualization and analysis of innovation metrics.

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Streamline project management. Facilitate the seamless transition of innovative ideas.

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Optimize issue tracking and project development. Foster a cohesive environment for implementing ideas.

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Elevate your software development process. Allow for a smooth flow of ideas from conception to execution.

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Azure Boards

Achieve project visibility and collaboration. Empower teams to incorporate ideas into their workflows.

IdeaScale’s Seamless Integrations Unleash Collaborative Potential