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Bootcast Podcast With Ideascale CEO Rob Hoehn – Innovating for the Federal Government

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Governments will face profound challenges over the next few months and years as they address the pandemic, the economy, and demands for social progress. Innovation strategy and management are going to be fundamental to nimble thought, coordinated action, and constituent satisfaction.  Ideascale CEO Rob Hoehn recently went on the BootCast from Romi Mahajan and Vivek Bhaskaran. As Vivek was … Continued

What is Innovation Maturity and How Can It Work on Your Innovation Journey?

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The innovation process is constantly evolving. Companies that achieve innovation maturity demonstrate greater agility. According to an MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte’s fifth annual study of digital business, 81% of organizations site innovation as one of their strengths. The IdeaScale infographic on innovation maturity will pinpoint where you are on your journey. Use it across your organization … Continued

5 Ways for Avoiding Digital Pollution When Creating New Products

Danger of air pollution.

Technology is an integral part of product development. Though it provides many benefits, there are also drawbacks. One potential problem is the presence of unwanted consequences. When this digital pollution becomes a problem, how can you address it? What is digital pollution? Recognizing the consequences of technological growth takes time. Companies must adapt to change … Continued

How To Encourage Employees To Develop A Growth Mindset

One of the problems businesses face today is encouraging their team to have the right mindset. Although people need the right skills and resources to succeed in any career, they also need a positive attitude to guide them in the right direction. Unfortunately, many people have a “fixed” mindset. This essentially means that people believe … Continued

Five Ways AI is Driving Innovation in the Public Sector

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With any public sector work, efficiency is key. Since governments are accountable to the people, and every dollar spent in tax revenue on their work, the pressure is high to engage in work citizens value the most. Fortunately, AI is helping drive innovation strategy and build better tools for the public. Automation The stereotypical view … Continued