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How COVID-19 Has Impacted the 5G Rollout

Cell phone tower

The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely impacted the need for 5G technology. As the way people communicate has changed, companies like Motorola and Qualcomm have bolstered their product development strategies. With so many businesses turning to remote work, technology companies are rethinking how to bring 5G to the masses. They are quickly reacting to challenges in … Continued

What Are the Characteristics of a High-Performance Organization?

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Performance is an important part of innovation management. You need a way to tell if your organization is performing high, low, or somewhere in the middle. A high-performance organization possesses common traits that set it apart from the rest. Here are some of those characteristics and how you can benefit from them. What is a … Continued

Are Too Many Zoom Meetings Stifling Your Creativity?

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2020 has been a year of change management around how we work, particularly with videoconferencing. While the results haven’t been consistently positive, as any parent can tell you, they have been positive enough that Zoom calls, Teams meetings, and FaceTime will be part of the working world going forward, whether to save money on trips … Continued

How Can You Align Product Development with Business Strategy?

Product innovation

When developing new products, organization leaders must ensure their efforts align with the overall business strategy. This is essential for success because it relates the new product to the company mission. According to product development research, one in seven product ideas will be successful. Those that are, tie directly into customer needs to fulfill a demand or … Continued

How a Pandemic Promoted Innovation in Manufacturing

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Like all industries, manufacturing has seen many changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In just a few short months, supply chains were cut off, and manufacturers were forced to innovate or close their doors. Surviving businesses need to create an innovation strategy that aligns with new and existing goals. Here are examples of how a global … Continued