Product Roadmap

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Get a clear picture of where we’re headed. Our product roadmap offers a vision for the future, with major product updates delivered semi-annually and ongoing enhancements released every quarter.



Q1 (January-March)

Product Improvements

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Our updated Google Analytics integration empowers you to track clicks, views, and user engagement, even for non-logged-in visitors.

IdeaScale now allows you to export your community leaderboard data. This downloadable file will include Email, First Name, Last Name, Username, Groups (if applicable), and Count fields.

For improved data clarity, Engagement Actions have been removed from the leaderboard and export.


Q2 (April-June)

Product Improvements

We’ve made it easier to find ideas when you’ve joined an idea team. Now, you can quickly access them under the ‘My Ideas’ tab.

Created in partnership with our Professional Services team, we are adding three new campaign templates to streamline your innovation process. Now, you can effortlessly launch engaging campaigns in just a few clicks!

We’ll be introducing new notifications to alert you whenever you’re assigned as a Translation Moderator. This will empower you to actively participate and ensure accurate translations within your community.

Administrators will be able to separately manage access for Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT or Dall-E image generator, instead of jointly as today.


Q3 (July-September)


For customers managing multiple communities, get ready to experience a more organized and collaborative future! We’ll soon be introducing Workspaces, a powerful redesign that brings your communities together under one organizational structure.

This exciting update will foster seamless collaboration and boost participation across your communities.

IdeaScale Whiteboard Redesign

IdeaScale Whiteboard is getting a complete makeover. Soon, you’ll experience a fresh, intuitive interface (UI) and powerful enhancements to the task manager.

This exciting update will make collaboration a breeze and open up Whiteboard to everyone in your community, not just admins.

Product Improvements

We will be introducing a simplified, single-panel leaderboard. This new design will offer a clearer view and make managing the leaderboard even easier.

IdeaScale will soon allow you to open similar ideas in a new tab during the idea creation process. This lets you research and reference related ideas without losing your progress.

IdeaScale reporting will soon be upgraded to track unique users, providing you with more accurate data on who visits your community. This valuable information will be readily available in the Reporting Dashboard’s Activity Chart, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

We will soon be improving the date formatting on your Reporting Dashboard’s Activity Chart. This update will ensure a clearer understanding of your community’s activity patterns.

Soon, the Community Data Export will include launch and close dates for all your campaigns. This valuable addition will empower you to track campaign lifespans and analyze performance metrics more effectively.

IdeaScale will soon allow you to customize your campaign reports. Select only the campaigns you want to see, saving you time and ensuring you focus on the data that directly impacts your goals.


Q4 (October-December)

Workspace Phase 2

This update allows you to leverage workspace trends to guide your community strategy.

Reporting Enhancement Project

In the future, IdeaScale will offer a customizable dashboard with a variety of unique charts. You’ll also enjoy greater flexibility within the Idea Portfolio, allowing you to create reports that match your goals.

*This roadmap reflects our current plans, but priorities may shift. We’ll keep you updated on any changes!

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