A Win-Win Proposition: Valued Employees Deliver Business Value

Your people are creative and have potential. Possibly great potential. But has your company found a way to effectively engage them and harness it?

Employee engagement is one of the most critical topics facing leaders. Not only does low engagement lead to low productivity, but it also leads to a higher turnover rate, particularly among top talent. Conversely, the more engaged your workforce, the more capacity it has to deliver on daily assignments as well as your organizational imperatives. High employee engagement drives discretionary effort for activities like innovation. Yet in most parts of the world, only one in three employees are fully engaged.

In addition, research shows that 70 percent of Millennials see themselves working independently at some point in their careers rather than being employed within a traditional corporate structure. Millennials are not getting the level of autonomy, creativity, and meaning they desire.

Engaging Hearts and Imaginations

Rather than roll out a complex employee engagement program with an uncertain ROI or get caught up in an employee benefits arms race with a competitor, leaders should highlight the intrinsic aspects of the job that drive long-term satisfaction. Making their work more interesting is one way to effectively cultivate employee interest in their work. Too often our command and control mindset misses out on the immense rewards that come to the organization and its people when employees are invited to innovate. Innovation offers a powerful vehicle for engaging employees and increasing the connection between their work and organization’s strategy.

Inviting all your employees to innovate is the easy first step, but figuring out how to train them so they can do it effectively is the real challenge. Many companies are taking advantage of e-learning to bring visibility and impact to their innovation efforts at a significantly lower cost than in-person training. Use your learning management system or subscribe to cloud-based solutions, such as One Hour Innovator, to make deployment and scaling easy. These tools allow leaders to quickly reach and teach thousands of employees to generate an unlimited number of ideas.

For example, users of One Hour Innovator go beyond TQM/Kaizen techniques that produce incremental improvements and learn how to develop and champion bigger and bolder ideas. They learn the fundamentals of intrapreneurship, like:

  • Turning their raw ideas into value propositions
  • Optimizing the propositions to minimize risk and maximize potential
  • Establishing proof of concept plans for their ideas
  • Developing and delivering compelling elevator pitches
  • Preparing and presenting fundable business proposals

Online learners get the benefit of setting their own pace, focusing on areas of greatest interest, and avoid having to travel to training events. Many companies choose to offer a blended approach to get the best of both worlds—digital and face-to-face instruction.

Creating Value

Being taught the skills and getting invited to share your creativity and contribute ideas builds ownership, satisfaction, and loyalty. Few things are more motivating to employees than seeing their ideas get realized. It is a win-win proposition: The organization gets valuable ideas from employees who feel valued. Start a free trial of the software here with code innovatorinvite

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