Why Should You Conduct a Supervisor Evaluation Survey?

Supervisor Evaluation SurveyEvaluation and feedback are important factors that contribute towards an employee’s overall growth in an organization. Every employee intends to work harder with each passing day and deliver the best possible results. Employee evaluation is a usual process in a startup as well as a multinational organization. Gone are the days where yearly reviews used to be a top-down approach. These days, most organizations prefer conducting a 360 degree evaluation survey.

Supervisor evaluation is a part of the 360 degree evaluation. Each supervisor would have rated their team members as a part of employee evaluation, but how many of them are rated for their performances? For an elevated progress, an organization would aim at a 360 growth and this includes supervisor evaluation at regular time intervals as well. A supervisor evaluation survey is conducted to understand employee perspectives about questions such as “Does the supervisor recognize your achievements?” or “What is the extent of guidance provided by the supervisor?” or “Is the supervisor’s behavior fair to you and your co-workers?” etc.

It can definitely be a little confusion around the reason of conducting a supervisor research. Surveys, online or offline, are one of the most productive data-collection sources. Online surveys, especially, are tools that gather real-time insights by maintaining anonymity of the respondents which makes them a suitable source to conduct supervisor evaluation.

Here are 3 reasons to conduct an effective supervisor evaluation survey:

  • Employees provide empirical information about their supervisors:

Every employee would know the best about their supervisors. Details about a supervisor’s management skills, team motivation to maximize productivity and other such factors. For a supervisor to produce effective results year-on-year, it is important for them to productively work towards improving their managerial skills for the team.

  • Honest responses help a supervisor in growing:

Every individual aspires to progress in their career. Feedbacks and opinions boost an employee’s growth. Supervisors can learn how their team member perceive their efforts and what is the scope for improvement. Honest feedback allows supervisors to progress and be better at what they do!

  • Cultivate a progressive work culture:

An organization’s culture depicts its work and productivity. By conducting a supervisor evaluation survey, the organization can enhance their work culture. A transparent work culture where supervisors work on the feedback provided by employees, will progress by leaps and bounds.

Transparent and constructive opinions about supervisor’s work ethic, bias within team members, how they handle pressures at work, punctuality etc. can be helpful for the betterment of the supervisor’s productivity.

3 important steps to follow while conducting a supervisor evaluation survey:

  1. Step 1: Use one of the survey templates offered by survey softwares such as QuestionPro and customize the questions according to the required supervisor information.
  2. Step 2: Decide the aspects which need to be evaluated, for instance, work ethic, punctuality, job delivery, fairness of work etc. Questions to gain information about such factors can be included.
  3. Step 3: The organization must make the rules and guidelines of the survey very clear to the employees in order to avoid an inappropriate work environment.
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