Who Makes the Decisions in Crowdsourcing?

Who makes the decisions in crowdsourcing?You will likely engage your experts and authorities at the earliest stages or your program through discussion. These are the people who know a great deal about the subject matter of the campaigns and can give you strong feedback on your problem statement and criteria for success. And these are the people who must agree and must give their blessing to your plan before you move forward in launching.

When scoping out the people who care about the subject matter of your campaign, the people with a vested interested in your campaign, you might discover that this constitutes your entire crowd. This is a good thing! This is the whole idea of crowdsourcing: to gather and synthesize the input of many minds! These people will certainly post ideas and comment on ideas, but you might even invite them in early decision making by allowing them to help you screen ideas. You give weight to the opinions of the individuals in your crowd and involve these individuals in decision making by setting rules to screen or filter ideas according to a certain threshold in votes or other scores.

In this example, you might involve your subject matter experts in transforming idea fragments into fleshed out concepts by engaging them in idea refinement.

Finally, you might involve your authorities in the final stage of evaluating and selecting ideas and slating ideas for implementation.

This is simply an example of how one might decide how and when the stakeholders, experts, and authorities participate in decision-making. We call this community governance. The governance that you develop for your community will likely differ from this example because it should fit with the culture and goals of your organization and program. If you’re not sure how to set up the governance of your community, you can set up a consultation with an IdeaScale Innovation Architect for guidance.

This entry is part of a mini-series dedicated to implementation. For the full story on implementation, watch our 20 min webinar or check out this blog on decision-making, this one on execution, and this one on identifying your stakeholders.

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This post is by Whitney Bernstein, Innovation Strategist at IdeaScale

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