What You Can Learn at Crowdopolis

The deadline for a free hotel upgrade to a suite at Crowdopolis is quickly approaching. Youalready know that if you’re in the IdeaScale network, you can take advantage of this offer when you register, but that’s not the reason that we’re attending Crowdopolis and it’s not the only reason that you should either.

The truth is, that despite how long crowdsourcing has been around as a concept, it is still evolving as a digital discipline that can alter business. When we’re talking to first timers (and let’s be honest, crowdsourcing veterans), there are still always questions:

How do I scale to my crowdsourcing investment?
How do I manage the process?
How do I engage my network and keep them active?

These are important issues and if you want to learn how other Fortune 500 companies are already using crowdsourcing to great effect and brainstorm with other enterprise-level experts, then you should come to Crowdopolis and find some answers that suit your business.

And remember: because we’re a Crowdopolis partner, we’re also glad to share a special offer with our clients: those who register before December 1st will receive a free hotel upgrade. Just use code “IS2012” when you register.

Register and let us know that you’re coming. We look forward to seeing you there on February 27 & 28th in NYC.

What questions do you want to have answered?

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