What Makes Switzerland a Leader in Innovation?

Switzerland a Leader in InnovationSwitzerland takes the first place in the rating of the World Intellectual Property Organization on the level of innovation development. This is the sixth time that the country has achieved the top five. This year, Sweden takes the second place, while Great Britain takes the third one. How have they achieved these results? Here are five reasons for their success

They are a nation of inventors

Switzerland is a global leader due to their level of scientific knowledge and their ability to launch technologies into consumables for the market.  Switzerland has a commanding lead on the number of patents of inventions in relation to population. There were 873 patent license applications per million of inhabitants in Switzerland back in the year 2015. The Netherlands took the second place (419/1 mln), Sweden took the third (392/1 mln).

Switzerland has some world class R&D establishments

Swiss universities appear to be some of the leading institutions on a regular basis. For example, Lake Of Zurich High Technical School appeared was the fourth place University right behind Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London in Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking rating back in the year 2016.

Switzerland also offers an opportunity to develop research and development, innovation centers and technoparks throughout the country, because there is constant collaboration between educational institutions, universities and the private sector.

Transnational corporations provide sources of venture capital

Swiss pharmaceutical giants as Roche and Novartis are some of the biggest in Switzerland research and development centers, spending huge budgets for R&D aims. Keeping and developing close contact ties between business, authorities, venture capital, small and medium-sized business, innovational startups, universities and R&D establishments, Roche and Novartis appear to be the leading drivers of innovation development both in Switzerland and in the world.

Focus on green economy

A solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 Swiss plane recently attracted the attention of the whole world. When asked what it was needed for, project managers answered that “the plane was built to get a very simple but very important message across peoples’ mind: the resources of our planet are limited. In the future, humankind is going to need other power technologies of high quality … Clean technologies and power production should become a part of this solution.”

A solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 Swiss plane is just one example from a range of projects targeted at the development of power technologies of a new generation. The majority of Swiss technology companies place a great deal of focus on issues connected with the development of renewable energy resources. There is even a special reward in order to encourage innovations in this area in Switzerland called WattD`Or. However, all these advanced technologies should, as a result, take on a form of products, outlets and technologies, commercially successful and in-demand.

Educated workers

Switzerland ranked high for: knowledge-intensive employment. Perhaps this a result of their dual education system and the pull of Switzerland itself for highly qualified workers.

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