What Innovation Skills Should You Focus on Building?

What Innovation Skills Should You Focus on BuildingInnovation is a practice at forward-thinking organizations. And like any other company discipline, the  skills and rules associated with an internal practice require refinement and continuous learning because the boundaries of that practice are constantly moving and being redefined. But what should you focus on? What skills require up-leveling and what should you prioritize in the coming months? Not everyone on the team needs to be building the same skill sets, but you should focus on making your innovation team into a well-rounded resource in a few different areas:

Culture. Innovation isn’t just a company mandate, it’s a mindset and the environment that you’re working in impacts this a great deal. Are you inviting all your employees to engage in innovation? How? Do you reward successes and failures when it comes to new ideas? Nurturing skills to build an innovative culture is absolutely essential?

Trend Tracking. How are you preparing for the future? Do you have someone who is in charge of looking at new emerging ideas and thinking about how they impact your business? Are you introducing these ideas even if you aren’t yet addressing them? Identifying themes before you start identifying problems helps build your innovation competency.

Implementation. This means tracking success metrics, but also finding new ways to introduce and prototype early stage ideas. Are you exploring some ideas and leaving others behind. All the good ideas in the world will get you nowhere if you don’t have the power to implement.

But hopefully these just help get you started. We’ve identified ten skills that you should be focusing on in your innovation group, download the infographic to learn all of them.

What are the skills you think are most imperative in an innovation program?

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