What Characteristics Do The Innovation Management Award Winners Have in Common?

innovation management characteristicsIdeaScale hosts the annual Innovation Management Awards in order to celebrate emerging and established innovators, but also to find new best practices and methods for success. This year’s winners had some great stories, but we did notice a few commonalities between them. So what characteristics do the innovation management award winners have in common?

They’re communications specialists. This is good news for the marketers in your organization. Their skills have even more cross-discipline applications. The mechanics of collaborative innovation work very similarly to online social mechanics. How can you make something meaningful across digital mediums? In a video? In 140 characters? Engaging multiple parties in problem solving requires great communications tactics.

They are masters of process. Great innovators create and follow maps. Even when they’re discovering new modes and methodologies, they’re documenting their steps in order to create a repeatable, manageable process that they can use in the future. Once they have a working process, that’s the mill through which all ideas process. Not that there aren’t exceptions, but having a process means that no great ideas are left behind.

They love to celebrate. Who doesn’t want to party? That means celebrating failures (because you were brave enough to try and smart enough to take the opportunity to learn), but they also take a victory lap when they have a new success. That means if there’s new revenue generated from a product, they tell everyone about it. If they build new consensus and make new decisions, then they write a press release about it. It builds faith in the system and encourages others to take part in the process.

To learn more about what characteristics the innovation management award winners have in common, download our infographic on the subject here.

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