We Couldn’t Be Happier with HapYak

hapyakLast month, IdeaScale announced that amongst a slate of new offerings that we were also pleased to introduce one of our latest integrations: with HapYak videos.

True, IdeaScale has been promoting and enjoying many of our new partner integrations lately, but what’s really exciting about HapYak is that not a lot of people know that they have the capability to create interactive videos easily on their own. Maybe you haven’t even heard of HaypYak, yet. Allow us to introduce you:

HapYak launched in 2012 with the mission to “set the standard for social video sharing by empowering people to experience videos on the web more like they do together in person: with remarks, insights, opinions and personality.” Once you’ve signed up for HapYak’s technology, you can add comments within video, relevant links, even polling for users to take as they view the clip. It’s rich data, but pop-up video style.

But here’s why they’re perfect for IdeaScale. A lot of our members enrich their content with illustrative video examples for new products, competitive research, their own video pitch of an idea, and more. HapYak videos will better allow these artifacts to become rich sources of information without any need for special editing.

How do you foresee yourself using HapYak? How else can HapYake help organize crowd conversation?

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