uTest: What Do You Think of Cloud Labor and Software Testing?

There’s an enormous amount of cloud labor now available to companies that need to parcel out microtasks to a standby work force. Certainly, we can crowdsource any number of services today, provided they are simple enough and cost effective enough to integrate into our existing systems, but I was interested to read about uTest.

uTest is crowdsourced testing for various services. It handles a wide variety of testing protocols including functional testing, security testing, load testing, as well as localization and usability testing. All of these services can be applied to web, mobile, or desktop applications.

And who’s doing all that testing? Experienced testers simply sign up for a profile and fill it out with background information and are then invited to test and submit reports, based on their performance, they are invited to test other projects and build up a reputation on their profile. Those testers are then paid twice a month.

It seems easy-enough to set-up, but is testing always so straightforward that it can almost be automated or introduced to any test system without much preamble or context? Is it good for all applications? Does it present benefits (apart from cost) that traditional methods simply cannot offer?

It is hard to tell without having a specific application to walk through the test, but I personally think that this is a great task to outsource to the crowd. Some of the case studies available highlight benefits not only to companies, but to testers: a chance to make extra money, the opportunity to take on new kinds of testing, building out the portfolio of experience. It’s a reminder that the benefits of fielding work to the crowd CAN be a two-way street.

uTest has been around since 2007 and it will be interesting to see how it continues to grow. What do you think? Would you use uTest to test your next app?

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  1. justincarlos (@justincarlos9)

    Cloud computing in the context of software testing refers to the centralization of tasks or functionality over the Internet, such that inputs from multiple physical locations can be processed via a single online infrastructure.


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