IdeaScale’s Top 5 Emerging Trends for 2018

Emerging Trends for 2018We get to learn a lot from our customers. They share the campaigns that they’re launching, they tell us what they’re interested in learning, and they tell us how others are responding to the same problems that they have. So while we’ve been listening, we’ve been thinking about what the top emerging trends for 2018 might be. Here are our top five trends that we expect to see most often over the next twelve months:

Mainstream AI. Even if you think it spells doom for the human race, AI continues to be a top trend. It has implications for apps, for the internet of things, for personalization, for making smart decisions with data, and more. Gartner lists it as a top trend for the next year and we think so, too.

Additive Manufacturing. We’re seeing a lot of fascinating applications for 3D printing – everything from healthcare to the arts, but it’s not just about what you can print. It has implications for supply chain (when you no longer need to transport parts, but can simply transmit them), intellectual property, education and more. With the price of these machines continuing to fall, it’ll be more common for companies, universities, and governments to start having 3D printers on site.

Augmented Reality. At Open Nation, we were able to visit a healthcare lab where VR was being used to practice surgical moves. We also saw how one of our customers is using AR for consumers to virtually “test” their products by placing it in their home before buying. As the technology becomes more powerful, we expect to see more organizations leveraging this opportunity.

Experience Culture. What exactly is the museum of ice cream? Or the infinity mirrored room? Excuses to throw sprinkles or take a selfie? Maybe – but people will wait in line for hours to have that chance. How can you turn your product, brand, service into an experience?

Blockchain. It’s not just for cryptocurrency anymore. We’re talking about a protocol that will fundamentally change the way that we share information – a single database that anyone can write to. As it continues to gain traction, we expect more attention to be paid to its efficiency and value beyond price.

Each one of these trends could be a campaign in your IdeaScale community. You could gather ideas about how to respond to the trends, learn where you already have opportunities in these spaces and more. So test out IdeaScale today by launching a free online test community.

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