Tis the Season… for Crowdfunding

Happy Holidays

Last week, Crowdfunduk uploaded a new report called “Crowdfunding is not just for Christmas – but it helps” that informs its audience that the peak of online giving occurred yesterday, December 22nd. This tallies with the rest of the Christmas trends that I see during the holiday season that not only are about putting presents under the tree, but are also about supporting causes that one believes in and giving back here at the end of the year (just in time to qualify for some tax-deductible donations as well). So I decided to take a little tour of other crowdfunding sites to see what sorts of holiday-themed giving opportunities there were.

On Kickstarter, I found 12 different holiday projects including an “It’s Chanukah!” music video and a musical Christmas tour for 25 musicians. Rockethub took me to a Christmas foodie extravaganza investment opportunity and a children’s picture book featuring some charming elves. IndieGoGo gave me the opportunity to help support hungry families over the holidays, several films, and the ability to gift our troops that are currently overseas. All of these not only make for great giving opportunities, but great gifts at this time of year and I wonder if projects launched on crowdfundingn sites have greater success during the December holidays.

What are your favorite holiday projects? How else has the crowd influenced the holiday season?

Anyways, it’s that time of year again and Ideascale would like to take a moment to wish all of you “Happy Holidays!” This holiday season, we are most grateful for our customers and friends all over the world.

Happy Holiday and all the best in the coming year,

The Ideascale Team

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