There’s a Lot to Learn About Crowdsourcing

Meet Jeroen. He’s pursuing a Masters in marketing management in the Erasmus program in the Netherlands. And he’s writing his thesis on the subject of crowdsourcing.

Why is he interested? Why is this his focus? Because in the past four years the research and attention to crowdsourcing has been thriving. And the playing field for crowdsourcing is set to grow at an uncommon rate.  As we’ve discussed in previous posts, it’s a growing field; crowdfunding alone is projected to grow by 500% by 2013.

Jeroen’s research focuses on the influence of rewards (monetary or otherwise) and corporate social responsibility and how those things affect the willingness of the network to participate and contribute to community ideation. And according to Jeroen’s research so far, “open innovation models are seen as dominant models in the 21st century.”

But Jeroen needs some help. He is looking for companies that are already using crowdsourcing to answer questions about their IdeaScale story. If you want to answer some research questions about the crowdsourcing experiences that you’ve had and how rewards and corporate social responsibility feed into community engagement, then you should reach out to this student to tell him what you know and learn more.

Learn more about the industry and help a young European graduate. Just contact Jeroen at [email protected] for more information. Or, if you’ve already worked with a crowdsourcing platform, please visit this short survey to share your experience with Jeroen:

Do you think open innovation is the future for companies? What effect do you think rewards or a desire to fulfill corporate social responsibility has on crowdsourcing?

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  1. jessicaday603

    No problem! We had discussed this statistic in a previous post on the approval of the JOBS Act. It is a projection generated by Gartner Research and discussed here: “with Gartner research declaring that the global crowd funding industry is set to grow by 500% between 2011 and 2013, and with President Obama incorporating fundamentals of crowd funding in his jobs act to drive employment, the inevitable growth of crowd funding will continue to become more accepted as a key driver to global economic stimulus.”

    Would love to hear more about what you discover in the field of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding!

  2. Selim Mete (@Selim_Mete)

    Hi Jessica, could you provide a citation to where you got the number “%500 growth by 2013”? I’m doing some research on crowdsourcing platforms and I could really use some studies about this topic.

  3. Selim Mete (@Selim_Mete)

    Thanks Jessica. The article you mentioned is a really interesting article as well. By any chance, have you come across the projected growth of creative communities of crowdsourcing, in particular with regards to video production? Thanks again 🙂


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