The Online Survey Done Right

Remember paper surveys?

At the end of the day, crowdsourcing comes down to one thing: communication. It’s about connection and contact that allows for communication. Yes, it allows clients and employees to tell brands or organizations their thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, but it also allows that brand or organization the opportunity to communicate something very important, as well: that they are listening and care about the people in their network.

Which is why online surveys are one of the original forms of internet crowdsourcing. Companies benefit from their audience feedback and clients or customers benefit from changes to their products or services, because of that research. And online surveys are one of the best methods to enable this kind of communication: online surveys take two-thirds less time than traditional research methods, using online surveys can halve research costs, and 90% of customers (that’s right, 90%) would prefer to answer those questions over the internet rather than other methods.

And if you’re looking for an online survey solution that’s leading the pack, then you should probably check out QuestionPro which was recently reviewed by Small Business Trends who said (among other things) “If you have made a commitment to do more market research and customer research so that you can make better decisions — then QuestionPro is a terrific tool that you can use. The 30-day free trial will give you plenty of time to create, run and analyze a survey – and if you need more time, the basic plan is only $15 per month — so it’s not a huge investment to try.”

That’s one of the key differentiators: that QuestionPro is offering the top functionality and survey technology at a price that is not prohibitive to the small business owner – one of the audiences that can most benefit from this type of research

According to the Aberdeen Group: “70% of customer experience management best in class adopters use customer feedback to make strategic decisions.” That’s how customers can help change businesses and make them succeed. And the medium that they are using for that communication? Online surveys.

What other research methods are out there? How else does research give a company a competitive edge?

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