A Successful Product Improvement Workflow

Successful Product Improvement WorkflowFor the next three weeks, IdeaScale will introduce a proven IdeaScale workflow that is being used by our highest performing communities. Our hope is that these workflows become templates that you can use in your own communities. The first workflow that we’re going to examine is an innovation funnel that has successfully been used for product improvement ideas for product development collaboration:

Ideation (Uses the Ideate Stage): In this stage, idea authors offer product improvement ideas. Specific custom field questions are used for additional context (anticipated necessary resources, desired outcomes) and then community members vote on their favorite ideas.

Initial Review (Uses the Assessment Stage): A team charged with evaluating the most promising ideas reviews the idea for its merit and potential idea owners or advocates. In addition to evaluating ideas for potential impact and applicability, they also work to ensure that this solution isn’t already adopted elsewhere.

Team Build (Uses the Team Build Stage): In this stage, idea authors look for team members to help them plan and implement ideas. The entire community can volunteer to support ideas they care about. More ideas require at least three other team members to get started. Once the team is full, they progress to the next stage.

Proposal Building (Uses the Refine Stage): The team researches and responds to the Business Model Canvas questions. Once the proposal is complete, it moves on to subject matter experts for more information.

SME Review (Uses the Assessment Stage): Product leaders analyze and rate the idea on a five star scale to assign it an innovation score (analyzing it against desirability, feasibility, and viability).

Leadership Review (Uses the Reviewscale Stage): Finally, product leaders evaluate all of the information to date against organizational objectives. The ideas that score highest in this review are prioritized for implementation.

Complete (Uses the Archive Stage): Ideas that have been prototyped, tested and delivered are showcased here to socialize the community’s success.

Are you using IdeaScale for continuous improvement activities? Let’s launch this new workflow in your IdeaScale community today!

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