A Successful Customer Experience Innovation Workflow

Customer Experience InnovationLast week, IdeaScale introduced a proven product improvement workflow that is being used by our highest performing communities. This week, we continue that trend by showcasing a workflow that has been used to demonstrably improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. Organizations like this gather ideas from employees about how to make customers lives better and they track their progress by measuring their customer NPS Score. Here’s what that funnel looks like:

Suggest and Vote (using Ideate): In this stage any employee can suggest ideas and moderators reply to each and ideas are moved to another stage every two weeks.

First Review (using Review): Popular or promising ideas are rated by the customer team for their potential impact and viability on a scale of 1-5. The top ideas progress into the next stages. Those that aren’t appropriate or aren’t possible right now are moved into the declined or archived stages.

More Information (using Refine): In this stage the idea submitter answers additional questions about how the idea will work in practice. Only ideas that have answered every question can progress to the “make a case” stage.

Make a Case (using Refine): In this stage, the idea owner adds more in-depth information about the idea, arguing for both its relevance and proposing an initial plan. Ideas that have answered every question and are moderated to the next stage by the customer experience team have been approved for development.

Prototype (using Refine): Although testing the new product or process to improve the customer experience takes place in the world, the idea owners and teams report on progress here (including when they plan to develop the first prototype of their solution).

Testing (using Refine): Again, the results of test are recorded transparently by the idea teams. Now anyone can see where an idea is winning or losing.

Declined, Archived, or Live! (using Completed Stage): Finally, every idea has a place to go. An idea can end up archived or declined at any time, but only those that have been implemented will end up in the launched stage.

Are you using IdeaScale for customer experience innovation? Let’s launch this new workflow in your IdeaScale community today!



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