Show. Then Tell. Introducing Video Ideas for IdeaScale


This following article is a guest post by Cass Sapir at HapYak, one of IdeaScale’s latest and greatest partners.

With Video Ideas, you can add comments, drawings and links on top of any video.

Have you ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? So many of our best ideas take the form of images in our brain. It’s the way we think, the way we process new information, and the way way we innovate.

We love the use of images here at IdeaScale to convey ideas. And now we’ve got an amazing new tool for all our users that’s going to change your life (OK, at least the part of your life that’s dedicated to IdeaScale.)

It’s Video Ideas. We’ve partnered with HapYak – the interactive video company – to add this new tool. What you do is add comments, links and questions directly on top of a video.

Have an idea for a new software feature? Show it on a video of the software itself to demo how the software can behave! Trying to make your office more sustainable? Grab your phone, record a video tour through the building and flag where all those recycling bins, skylights and green spaces can go. Health care, product development, education, open government. Almost any area can have ideas that are easily shared by commenting on video.

How To Add a Video Idea

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1. Copy Any Video URL

Go to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video on the web. Copy the link.
Note: You can also record a video of you using your computer using QuickTime (v. 10). Go to “File – New Screen Recording” to do so. Then upload that to YouTube or your own video hosting provider.

2. Go to
Click “Add Video”. Paste the video URL.
You can now add comments, drawings and links directly to any part of the video.

3. Copy the HapYak URL and paste it into the description field of your new idea.
That’s it. Your video, complete with all your added comments, will now be seen by everyone voting on your idea.

Try it out. It’s pretty cool. Let us know what you think of Video Ideas.

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