Security for Cloud Innovation Platforms

security-for-cloud-innovation-platformsThe first known references to intellectual property date back to 500 B.C.E., when chefs in Sybaris(1) were given year-long exclusives for creating particular culinary delights. This allowed the creators of these sumptuous dishes to enjoy a monopoly on selling their food for a year. This interest in society rewarding inventors has evolved over time to include vast legal structures in every country to protect inventions and inventors.  Today, we even have entire companies who focus on the creation of Intellectual Property! The Sybarians believed monetary rewards for chefs would continue to motivate them to come up with new and tasty combinations. This system was an early answer to a question we still ponder today: how can we best foster environments of invention and innovation?

Our notions of how to motivate inventors have come a long way since the chefs of Sybaris. Now we must consider not just how to protect an invention once it is patented, but how to encourage innovation, openness, and collaboration given the cybersecurity landscape today.

Identity and Access Security is Essential

Now that work is done at all hours of the day across borders and time zones by knowledge workers using mobile devices how do we enhance idea sharing while preserving security of ideas? Knowing who is supposed to have access and what their access patterns are can be key.  Thanks to machine learning we can now give access to a repository of intellectual property ideas based on the location of a user, device being used, biometric identifier, Multi-Factor Authentication challenge, and more.  This means that if a user tries to access in a seemingly unusual way from a disparate location for example, a challenge to further identify that user through a fingerprint, Yubikey, Text, Mobile App, phone call, email. Depending on the circumstance we can ask for a more reliable and strong authentication method to assure that hackers do not get access to our store of ideas. In order to promote innovation, innovation must be protected from prying eyes- comfort is required to share and this is only obtained through security.

(1) Part of Ancient Greece, but in modern Italy.

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