Qmarkets Competitors

Who are the Qmarkets competitors?

In the field of crowdsourcing, there are many vendors that offer a variety of services. In the field of innovation management, IdeaScale is an industry leader who has focused on serving the entire innovation lifecycle from end to end. When it comes to truly global innovation that generates real organizational change, IdeaScale has the most comprehensive feature set and leading business practices that allow us to partner with global organizations anywhere. IdeaScale as one of the leading Qmarkets competitors supports innovation throughout the innovation lifecycle

How is IdeaScale different?

IdeaScale is the world’s largest innovation management platform with upwards of four million users and 25,000 communities. When customers select IdeaScale, they are signing on for a few key benefits. One of the most important differentiators is that IdeaScale will never penalize users for their success since IdeaScale has no volume-based pricing. This means that no matter how many users, ideas, or comments are attributed to an IdeaScale community, IdeaScale will never raise the price. Our pricing model is solely geared towards a feature-based subscription.

IdeaScale has also worked to lower all the barriers to participation – no matter where you are in the world. Numerous features support accessibility from anywhere, including real-time user-generated content translation in over thirty languages, social integration, offline synchronization, Section 508 compliance and much, much more.

IdeaScale also has one of the highest-rated support teams in the industry. In fact, one customer said “The product was quick to implement, easy-to-use and administer and the IdeaScale team is responsive to their customers and hugely supportive of our project.” You can learn more about about the experience that the Cerebral Palsy Alliance had here.

Finally, IdeaScale’s decision matrix capabilities allow organization leaders to evaluate ideas and assign true business value to any change that might actually happen within an organization.

Campaign Management

You have this innovative community and important campaigns that you need to implement, but you’d prefer an experienced Innovation Strategist to take the wheel to ensure the people, platform and process are all perfectly organized.

An Innovation Strategist will co-manage your campaign after its launch. We are the extra set of eyes and hands when moderating and engaging your community.


Incentivize your community by distributing points and badges based on the participation of members.

Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.

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