Put That in the ThinkOven!

Domino’s has been heralded as an innovator when it comes to customer engagement. This year, in a survey conducted by consultancy group Brand Keys, as part of its Loyalty Engagement Index, Domino’s Pizza was found to be the restaurant brand that created the most “customer delight” and also tied for “customer loyalty.” How are they doing this? Simply by listening. When Domino’s went to revamp their menu, they asked customers to share their disappointments with the menu and offer suggestions for the future. They’re known for irreverently engaging with their customers (when appropriate) and when they partnered with New Media Strategies for their customer engagement Pete Snyder, Founder & CEO of New Media was quoted as saying, “Domino’s is a true innovator and an industry leading brand.”

Domino’s has continued to innovate when it comes to connecting with their customers and just recently introduced their latest engagement tool: ThinkOven.

ThinkOven is an idea sharing platform with two branches of engagement and it is currently  housed on their Facebook page. One of the branches poses specific challenges from Domino’s (currently, what should the new Domino’s uniforms look like?) and the other branch allows any fans to share whatever ideas they like. Visitors can influence ideas and the best ideas are rewarded with cash prizes. There are already more than 2,000 ideas in the “Idea Box” and Domino’s can also highlight it’s favorite ones on the home page interface. My personal favorite is the idea of a pizza delivery light that you can put in your window while awaiting a delivery from Domino’s (as someone who has a rather awkwardly placed apartment, I find I’m often chasing down the poor delivery person saying “I’m here. I’m here.”)

It’s especially important for brands like Domino’s who have an engaged network of fans to make sure that they are doing all they can to listen to and include the voice of their customer. Well done, Domino’s! Watch a short video on ThinkOven here.

What other brands are engaging their customers with good humor and good tools? What do you think Domino’s should do stay relevant in the pizza restaurant category?

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