Overall Innovation Program Health

Overall Innovation Program health

IdeaScale’s new reporting dashboard has been adopted by numerous organizations so far, but we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the reasons customers have started making decisions with the new reporting dashboard. The short answer? The IdeaScale reporting dashboard offers you a snapshot of your overall innovation program health so that you can make choices on where your innovation program needs to be improved. Here are just a few of things that you can learn about your program from the reporting dashboard.

What the top of the innovation funnel looks like. The entire engagement dashboard gives you a picture of how people are engaging with ideas at every stage, but starting with incoming ideas and the dialogue around them. This shows one of the innovation input metrics that you can use for planning. Are you getting enough ideas? Are people participating in the process?

What your most valuable unimplemented ideas are. When creating the outcomes dashboard, the IdeaScale team created an all-up smart score which shows an idea’s potential based on all possible information types but equalized against those activities. This way, an idea that goes through one process with five stages compared to an idea that goes through another process with only two stages can still be compared for their relative value. You can also see whether those ideas have been implemented or are just waiting there in the selection phase and can follow-up on the ideas with the most promise across the entire organization.

Where you need to optimize your process. Now that you can flag ideas as selected or implemented, you can see where it is that you most need to make improvements (is it finding new ideas that have value or implementing those ideas and delivering on them?). The outcomes dashboard will show you the gap between them.

Which campaign/group/time period is most/least successful. With the new reporting dashboard, you can segment on a lot of different variables: groups of people, campaigns, time periods. And because you can segment, you can see who is most active in your community (at idea submission, at moving ideas forward, etc) and which subjects are the most engaging in your community. Looking at your program in this light allows you to get very granular in terms of where you can put your effort (for example, “Our marketing department isn’t good at moving ideas forward, perhaps we should invest in training them about the back end of innovation this year…”).

How you perform in comparison to other IdeaScale communities. The engagement dashboard shows markers that demonstrate what the benchmark is for performance across ALL IdeaScale communities during that time period. Want to know if you’ve collected a good or bad amount of ideas? See how your metrics compare to others.

Want to see IdeaScale’s new reporting dashboard in action? Sign up for a demonstration of this new functionality today. 

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