Open Nation 2017

2—3 November 2017 | Berkeley, CA

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Open Nation is IdeaScale’s annual customer summit.

It is a live, invite-only event that allows top performing IdeaScale administrators and moderators to connect with each other and hear from other innovation management practitioners. Open Nation covers a range of topics and themes, but will specifically cover subjects in (at least) these key areas:

  • Generating engagement in IdeaScale communities
  • Empowering a creative workforce
  • Building innovation processes
  • Developing innovation leadership skills

Attendees at Open Nation will return to their innovation management programs armed with new communications tactics, new tactics to impact innovation culture, and other innovation best practices and will receive a certification for attending all lectures and completing all workshops.

Preview some of the sessions below.

United to Innovate

Learn the mix of tools we use to inspire innovation, what we measure, and how it helps us rethink our value proposition to corporate donors and the communities we serve.

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The Future of Retail Innovation

In this moderated question and answer session, a digital innovation leader from IKEA discusses the importance of continuously revitalizing innovation culture as well as an investigation into the future of retail.

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ePolicyWorks: Engaging Stakeholders to Break Down Employment Barriers and Inform Disability Policy

This session showcases the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy’s (ODEP) successful integration of crowdsourcing into the policymaking process through its ePolicyWorks initiative.

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Iterating for Success

How a user-centered, iterative process can lead to delight sooner and build a foundation for long term success.

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Open Innovation: A 360° Experience Report

Gain insights into open innovation from different perspectives.

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Event Details:

  • The event will take place on November 2nd, 2017.
  • Attendance will include the full day of programming as well as the chance to attend a behind-the-scenes innovation tour of Silicon Valley companies on Friday, November 3rd. Attendees can also (optionally) schedule feedback sessions with the IdeaScale product team for Wednesday, November 1st.
  • Cost to attend is $1,200.

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