Network Intelligence: The Source of True Innovation

IdeaScale is pleased to announce the release of its latest ebook: Network Intelligence!

The project was co-authored by Romi Mahajan, Rob Hoehn, and myself and contains various examples of looking beyond one’s apparent network in order to prepare for the future. Romi Mahajan has been speaking at various seminars about the opportunities presented when seeking true network intelligence: “stop thinking of your limited network, for example, your company’s direct employees and rather think about the networks to which they belong and how to start bringing that intelligence to bear.” You can read more from Mahajan and others on the subject of Network Intelligence here.

For example, it is estimated that a Top 100 brand network has the potential to reach nearly 232 million people. That means that anyone has the potential to reach out and source inspiration from people well beyond their immediate audience. The question is “how?” and IdeaScale is one of the solutions out there that helps answer that question.

The eBook looks at a few different examples of network intelligence solutions; one from 1714, the infamous NetFlix prize, AT&T’s Toggle, IdeaScale’s stories and many more in order to show what is possible with sophisticated network intelligence outreach (savings, innovation, and customer satisfaction, among other things).

So check it out here. And I’d be glad to hear more from you on the subject – other examples, questions to consider, whatever’s on your mind…

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