Mindmixer Competitors

Who are the Mindmixer Competitors?

IdeaScale is citizen engagement or innovation software for government that uses the principles and practices of crowdsourcing in order to succeed which is what makes them one of the key Mindmixer competitors. IdeaScale is a solution that is used by government locally, Federally and around the world. It is also used in the private sector, which means that IdeaScale (as opposed to other Mindmixer competitors) benefits from this functionality, as well.

What is the IdeaScale difference?

IdeaScale has been recognized as a solution with the most value for price based off of industry analysis and as the largest platform – with more than four million users – IdeaScale has optimized their user interface for maximum engagement. However, there are a few key aspects of the product offering which also recommend IdeaScale.

IdeaScale will never penalize organizations for their success, because IdeaScale never has institute volume-based pricing as part of their model. There is not a limit on number of users, ideas, comments, or votes that an organization can have within a community.

IdeaScale also has some of the highest-rated support resources with a robust range of materials, including a comprehensive knowledge base, regular webinars, how-to videos, live chat, a dedicated account manager, and more. It is possible for any administrator to configure their community without any level of technical competence.

And although the site itself is responsive, IdeaScale also offers a mobile application that allows end users to connect from anywhere, eliminating all barriers to participation.

Finally, IdeaScale empowers the people who can actually make a difference by offering them decision matrix capabilities so that they can sort through important citizen data in the decision making phase. ReviewScale is IdeaScale’s decision matrix software that allows users to identify the most valuable ideas in line with company objectives and review those top performing ideas against additional sophisticated cost and constraints analysis. IdeaScale is the first and only to offer a tool of this caliber into the innovation software space.

Assessment Tool

With the assessment tool, not only can community members vote ideas and comments up and down, but they can also evaluate that content across a number of different criteria

Custom Fields

By including custom fields on ideas, profiles or campaigns, administrators can gather rich, campaign-specific data.

Smart Tagging

Users and moderators can publicly or privately tag ideas in order segment conversation and organize ideas

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