Mindjet Competitors

Who are the Mindjet competitors?

IdeaScale is a leader in the open innovation industry. Over the course of the company’s growth, IdeaScale has encountered numerous other innovation management companies: Spigit (which is now owned by Mindjet) appeared alongside IdeaScale as a competitor in the Forrester Report as well as numerous other industry lists. Although there are many similarities shared by Mindjet and IdeaScale as competitors, in the end, the company offerings are distinct and IdeaScale’s technology continues to be a top-rated, multi-featured customizable offering that is quite separate from Mindjet’s consultative services.

Why IdeaScale?

In contrast with Mindjet, IdeaScale offers several key features which include self-service administration, social media integration, decision matrix capabilities, and unlimited users, ideas, and more.

When it comes to self-service administration, IdeaScale is designed to be a self-service solution that is customizable with little or no need for technical competence. The robust knowledge base and support center empower admins and moderators to tailor their community without any need for additional technical configuration support.

IdeaScale also offers ReviewScale, which is IdeaScale’s decision matrix software that allows users to identify the most valuable ideas in line with company objectives and review those top performing ideas against additional sophisticated cost and constraints analysis. IdeaScale is the first and only to offer a tool of this caliber into the innovation software space.

When it comes to social integration, IdeaScale offers a social application that allows administrators to connect with their community where they already spend their time: Facebook. Additionally, IdeaScale offers one of the most robust social sign-in systems.

Finally, IdeaScale has never put a limit on number of users, ideas, comments, or votes within a community. We will never penalize you for a successful engagement.

Additionally, IdeaScale has been recognized as a solution with the most value for price based off of industry analysis and as the largest platform – with more than four million users – IdeaScale has optimized their user interface for maximum engagement.

Build Team

IdeaScale allows teams to form around promising ideas. Community members can be assigned or volunteer to bring ideas to life.

Custom Fields

By including custom fields on ideas, profiles or campaigns, administrators can gather rich, campaign-specific data.

Pairwise Comparison

When two promising ideas share similar levels of support, the pair-wise tools gives an additional platform for A-B comparison within the community.

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