Market Research is Always Growing Up

In case you don’t know, Survey Analytics is a market research company that works with clients in helping them not only gather information about their customers, but also helps them listen to their customers.

Recently, Survey Analytics President and CEO, Vivek Bhaskaran created a presentation with client Kevin Keeker of Zynga Games on how to adapt within the new world of market research. Among many things that they talk about, the pair explains that client-vendor collaboration is a key aspect of gathering the correct, unique information from people. They also talk about how the age of the 35-minute survey has passed (as many of us know) and that the “gamification” age of surveys is now upon us. This means that users are really responding to surveys that allows them to network, gain “points,” and feel a sense of progress as they give responses. Hopefully this means that they’ll find a way that I can share my user feedback while playing Tetris.

You can find view the full powerpoint presentation here.

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