What Kind of Company is a Good Fit for Crowdsourcing?

DICK’S Sporting Goods was founded in 1948 and continues to be a family run business today with over 600 stores nationwide. Nowadays, however, Dick’s Sporting Goods has 37,600 employees worldwide serving its founding brand and its subsidiaries and is one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world.

After 69 years of growth, Dick’s is a great company ripe for crowdsourcing and they launched their first company-wide ideation platform last year. But how do we know that a company like Dick’s is a good fit for crowdsourcing? Well, here are a few qualities that make a company more likely to succeed in a crowdsourcing effort.

Distributed Workforce. With more than 37,000 employees (and a good percentage of those employees in customer-facing positions), Dick’s is sitting on a wealth of network intelligence. Sometimes these types of programs are referred to as internal market research where employees share customer insights company-wide and build on one another’s knowledge.

Brand Passion: One of Dick’s guiding principles is that they wish “to make a lasting impact in their communities through sport.” Dick’s customers have a great deal of personal interaction with the brand and their employees do, too. With customers and employees who feel this powerfully, they already see the intrinsic value of serving the brand as it moves forward.

Commitment to Change. There are a few Dick’s employees with the word “Innovation” in their title and even more employees that participated in this product innovation campaign. This shows that people see the value in creating an organized mechanism for change. The concepts that started in the ideation program are now being reviewed by the product development team for potential implementation. This type of commitment not just to hearing from employees, but implementing ideas means that these crowdsourcing programs will last a long time.

To learn more about Dick’s Sporting Goods and how they launched their crowdsourcing employee engagement community for product development, download their case study here.

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