If Kim Kardashian Is an Innovator, So Are You

Who is an innovator?

This blog post is part of a series authored by IdeaScale employees. It showcases how they’re thinking about crowdsourcing and innovation as part of their daily routine. Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

This post is by Zach Weismann, Director of Enterprise Solutions at IdeaScale.

We hear about innovation constantly – in the news, on social media, at conferences, from friends, from our wonderful IdeaScale blog – most of us know WHAT innovation is, we hear about WHO does it, but we don’t know HOW we fit in.

We all have big dreams, the next great invention, a wonderful idea, I mean after all, we put a man on the moon! We are the land of opportunity, a place where even Kim Kardashian can build a $54 million dollar empire. But, surprisingly, most Americans don’t consider themselves innovators.

A groundbreaking survey from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation took an in depth look at why our country needs more innovators.

Shockingly, only 12% of innovators are women. Over 35% of US innovators were born outside the US, even though this population only makes up 13% of all U.S. residents. And, contrary to popular stereotypes about hoodies, flip flops, and selfies, the median age for an innovator in the US is 47-years-young.

So for those middle aged, foreign-born, American-living men actually innovating, are they sitting alone in tiny garages across the county coming up with the next great idea? Quite the contrary, as it turns out approximately 60% of private sector innovations originate from business with over 500 employees.

Maybe that’s why we don’t consider ourselves innovators. Innovators represent such a small percentage of our population, an incredibly small amount of women, and 60% of private-sector innovation is dominated by companies with over 500 employees – large environments where the individual voice is either not being considered, drowned out, or never even heard.

Yet we have tons of ideas, game-changing inventions. But armed with only ideas, are we each innovators?


That’s the beauty of crowdsourcing innovation and IdeaScale. We capture not only the voice of the crowd but harness its power, too. That power, fueled by your ideas, creates new products, improved processes, refined business models, and turns them into transformative, future-building, disruptive solutions.

Crowdsourcing ideas allows you to pair ideas with solutions, both seen and even unforeseen. New ideas surface, and when collected, evaluated, and fostered properly, solutions are created and implemented.

Research shows that innovation impacts 78% of a company’s overall revenue growth, 71% of increased productivity, and 74% growth in revenue from new products and services.

We know you have great ideas. You are an innovator. So let your innovation flag fly, and who knows, maybe one day you could become the next Kim Kardashian.

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