Introducing YourSay Show: A Real-World Adventure Game

YourSay Show is a social real-world adventure game that caters to the crowd. Except instead of keeping the game in the virtual world, its impact extends into the real world. Players start by entering ideas for what they would do with $5,000, then those players earn points by voting for ideas they like and try to multiply their points by predicting how their Friends will vote. Then, each week, YourSay funds the player with the most points.

Although YourSay’s player base is still growing, their innovative model is already garnering attention. You can check out some of the proposals here.

We had the opportunity to ask Miles Kemp (one of the founders of FunBuilt) about YourSay Show and here’s what he had to say.

IdeaScale: How did YourSay begin? Why is this the format you chose for this game?

Miles Kemp:The original concept for the game started in November of 2010 and we officially started working on the project February 2011. Alan Koch and myself founded FunBuilt with the goal of creating new ways for people to actively help in changing other peoples’ lives. YourSay has undergone a number of different transformations since its initial concept, but we have stayed true to our idea. We want to create a new platform to enable players to create positive social change in their lives. Our game lets players decide the winner, the prize and how the money will be spent. It is a first-of-its-kind online game.

We chose to build a new game show that leveraged the huge audience on Facebook and allowed players to harness their networks. Facebook enabled us to immediately tap into a huge network and study the behaviors of our users in great detail. Players can team up with each other, team up with people they don’t know or go it alone. All of these scenarios have a huge impact on the result of the game. We have learned a lot since we started YourSay and the game will continue to evolve to make it more fun to help your friends.

IS: How is YourSay different than other crowdsourcing contests or crowdfunding platforms?

MK: YourSay is about FUN and experiences! It’s not about work. It’s about empowering people and giving them the power to turn casual play into epic-scaled entertainment. We love other funding platforms like Kickstarter, but it takes a lot of work to raise money. We want to make it possible for players to have a huge impact in their friends’ lives without a middleman. Players make everything happen and the YourSay game is the medium.

IS: What sort of technology does YourSay function on?

MK: We use Amazon EC2 using Amazon ElastiCache and S3 with Mongo DB. The game is built in HTML and is available at our standalone site, and in Facebook, All players are in the same game and they can play 24/7 from their PC or mobile devices.

IS: What sort of proposals do you hope to receive?

MK: We don’t have a specific directive for proposals and we don’t want to. Every player has a unique dream and we want them to realize those dreams. We love to see a wide range of rich ideas in the game so that players have choices about who they choose to support.

IS: What impact do you see YourSay making in the long run?

MK: We are tired of the same old online games that waste time. Players spend billions of hours a day online playing games. Imagine if you could harness all of this activity and turn in into tangible results instead of virtual goods. We want to see real corn not virtual corn. We hope to set a new trend in how games can enrich and bring more fun into our lives. YourSay is the first game that we plan on releasing. We already have a few other games on the drawing board that are in the same genre. We think life-changing games is the future of online gaming and our players seem to agree. What’s better than knowing that you participated in a life-changing experience for someone else and then seeing it unfold for real? Our game makes players feel good!

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