Innovation Software

What is innovation software?

Innovation software is technology that supports the innovation lifecycle. This means that it is possible to gather great ideas, build on them, evaluate them without ever leaving the innovation software experience. It has numerous other capabilities, including allowing individuals and organizations to securely tap into the ideas and inspirations of both open and closed communities. Although the power of innovation comes from the community that supplies the ideas and resources to generate and realize great ideas, innovation software is the mode and method that organizes the innovation process and surfaces great ideas to which you never even knew you had access. Everyone has ideas, but innovation software makes it easy to identify which ones are best for your business.

What is IdeaScale’s innovation software solution?

IdeaScale is the world’s largest purveyor of innovation management technology with over 25,000 customers and nearly four million members. Because of IdeaScale’s large user community, they have focused on optimizing the experience for those four million users and has generated a number of user-centric features. IdeaScale not only provides the software, but it also offers strategy and support depending on any organization’s innovation goals.

Because the software is easy to use, what begins as an innovative idea can become a product reality, realized cost-savings, or a new innovative plan of action. IdeaScale has helped numerous businesses build new products, save millions of dollars, or create new processes and efficiencies.

There are numerous innovation software steps associated with launching great innovation software. The IdeaScale tool makes it possible for everyone involved in an innovation program to complete all the tasks that are relevant to an organization from within the framework of the tool. And, in this case, the tool is entirely dedicated towards innovation instead of towards customer relations, user feedback, social collaboration or other programs.

Community Infographic

Exportable, shareable reports are available 24 hours a day from the crowd, including our popular infographic format which renders IdeaScale data in graphic, modular segments.


IdeaScale allows the integration of Google Analytics or any other web trafficking tools into your IdeaScale code.

Attachment Uploads

Users can submit file attachments as pitches directly to idea pages. These attachments render inline and can even expand to full-screen mode.

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