Improving Workforce Engagement in Your Purpose-Driven Workplace

improving-workforce-engagement-in-your-purpose-driven-workplaceIt’s clear that consumers care about quality and price when purchasing products and services. However, did you know that company reputation and social responsibility, rank immediately after those two factors? And, when it comes to workforce engagement, exceptional employees care about work that has a positive impact on society.

As a business, you need to satisfy both the consumer and employee side of the equation if you want your shareholders to be happy. Businesses are beginning to realize that doing good is not only the right thing, but it makes good business sense for the company. This realization is what’s driving the trend towards a purpose-driven workplace.

What is a Purpose-Driven Workplace?

A purpose-driven workplace infuses purpose into all that it does. It pursues purpose as well as profitability. This doesn’t mean that your company’s mission focuses 100% on saving the world. Many times, it’s simply about creating a connection between the work that’s done in your organization and a larger purpose. Then, helping employees see that connection.

When you create a purpose driven workplace, you provide your employees with a way to:

  • Make a positive impact on others and on the community around them
  • Connect with others and build meaningful relationships at work
  • Achieve continued personal and professional growth

When you provide employees with these opportunities, they’ll feel like their work matters and they’ll know that they are making a difference. Even more, they will grow and learn within your organization, helping you create a deep well of talent for promotions over time.

Why a Purpose-Driven Workplace is Important

Beyond feeling and doing good, the importance of purpose for any organization is startling. A survey by Deloitte showed that 73% of employees who say they work for a purpose-driven company are engaged, whereas only 23% of employees are engaged at companies that are not purpose driven. Clearly, having a purpose-driven workplace is a vital part of keeping employees engaged and productive.

Improving Workforce Engagement

There are many ways to improve engagement by creating a purpose-driven workplace. These ideas are just a starting point. Ask your team to see what else they can come up with:

  • Discuss the impact that your product or service makes to the end user
  • Share positive customer stories
  • Give back to the community in volunteer hours as well as with funds, products and services
  • Provide project opportunities that highlight purpose
  • Give employees time to work on projects that are meaningful to them
  • Consider realigning employees to emphasize strengths and interests
  • Solicit opinions and feedback to find out how your employees connect purpose to work
  • Implement incentives or programs that help connect the dots between work and purpose
  • Systematize and automate where possible to help you stay organized, maximize resources, and save time

Creating a purpose-driven workplace doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple, consistent communication that happens on the new employee orientation day and extends into the daily, weekly and monthly activities of your workforce may be just the thing you need to create an engaged workforce.

Whatever you decide, the purpose-driven workplace is here to stay. You need a plan to sustain workforce engagement long-term. Our latest whitepaper shares tips and strategies that others are using to get there. Download your copy of The Purpose-Driven Workforce today.

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