IM Award Lessons: Know Your Innovation Audience

This year, Amway won the Innovation Management award for best innovation engagement strategy. They won this award, because of the global reach of their community and their tactics for bringing people on board (including creating cool videos like this one). So we asked Amway a few questions about their program and here’s what they had to say:

IdeaScale: Why is innovation vital to your organization?

Amway: Collaborative Innovation is vital to Amway because it keeps our direct selling opportunity and products competitive and relevant for our Amway business owners. Our focus on this collaboration  has led us not only into a new era in engagement with our business owners, but also a new era in global advancements in digital solutions, social responsibility and product development.

IdeaScale: What’s the most important piece of advice that you can give to someone launching an IdeaScale community?

Amway: Know your audience and your end objectives prior to setting up your community.  Amway is a global direct selling company with millions of active business owners around the world.  In order to create one global community where business owners and employees could effectively share ideas and collaborate, a great deal of planning went into setting the platform up in a way that would allow for effective translation and governance of ideas.  Taking the time to plan ahead, will save time in the future.

IdeaScale: What are you most proud of in your innovation program?

Amway: We are most proud to be Amway’s only digital innovation platform that is able to reach out to our business owners from around the world to collaborate and ideate with them on new and better ways to improve and support their Amway businesses.  To make this global collaboration possible, we’ve engaged in a large team of translators and processes to help us maintain our diverse community by supporting multiple languages.  We are proud of this commitment and look forward to future enhancements as our platform continues to grow.

To learn more about Amway’s award-winning efforts, download the case study today!

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