IdeaScale profits on LiveChat integration with Highrise CRM

by Szymon Klimczak @ August 9, 2011

After last month’s interview with Sam from Webitecture, today we have another customer telling us his story. Read about running a Software as a Service company, sales and support benefits from having live chat on the website and advantages of LiveChat-Highrise integration.

John Basile uses LiveChat-Highrise integration on a daily basis

John Basile is responsible for Business Development at IdeaScale – a platform to collect, share and rate ideas from customers. IdeaScale has been relying on LiveChat since February 2011, gradually increasing its utilization and adding more operator seats over the following months.

John told us:

“In 2007, Seattle-based SaaS pioneers Vivek Bhaskaran and Rob Hoehn realized the growing interest in crowdsourced feedback and co-founded IdeaScale — a community idea management system with up/down voting that allows the best ideas contributed to rise to the top.

Since its humble start, IdeaScale has grown to be a market leader in idea management embraced by small businesses and Enterprise customers like DuPont and SAP, local governments and federal agencies like the Office of the President and the VA.

When IdeaScale found LiveChat, we chose to incorporate the communication tool into all our webpages: our outside marketing pages as well as the logged-in admin pages only our customers see.

On the outside pages, LiveChat helps IdeaScale’s growing sales team to answer questions from customers, who are often looking at our competitor’s tools and weighing their options. We’ve closed dozens of deals and upgrades right from LiveChat!

As far as communication with existing customers goes, LiveChat is extremely useful in mitigating the number of support emails we get. We estimate that LiveChat’s cut our email volume by at at least 10%. Best of all, our paying customers get instant answers to questions that might otherwise get stacked in a support queue for as long as 24 hours.

HighriseLiveChat has become an essential part of our sales and support process, so we’re pleased that the live chat tool integrates nicely with Highrise, our favorite CRM tool. It’s well and good that chats are logged to our LiveChat account’s history, but with the Highrise integration, our chats are recorded right to IdeaScale’s shared Highrise account with a couple clicks. This means that our sales team can share important conversations and have them all at our fingertips when we’re communicating with our leads and customers.

We’d highly recommend LiveChat to anyone doing business online but particularly to those online businesses using 37signal’s Highrise product. The slick integration of LiveChat into popular Highrise CRM is great for everyone–prospective customers, existing customers, sales, support, and our developers alike.”

Have you ever thought about having the crowdsourced idea management tool on your website? Now there’s a good opportunity to finally get it – IdeaScale offered a special deal for LiveChat customers: 30 days of service for free.

Sign up for IdeaScale and ping LiveChat operators on their website to claim 1 month of free service!

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