IdeaScale and Yammer: A Perfect Match

yammerBeginning in December, IdeaScale will be embarking on a new partnership with Yammer. Yammer—the Enterprise Social Network—is a great tool for professional organizations. Structured in a way that is similar to other social networks, Yammer helps facilitate communication across organizations. For example: on Yammer, project groups can be created to share information and documents among smaller teams within organizations, and significantly reduce the number of emails. Polls can be put in place, and fellow members can “like” or comment on work that is occurring.

But let me tell you why IdeaScale and Yammer are perfect for each other; the world changes relentlessly these days, and technology increasingly urges us to be constantly connected to those changes. As a model for this commitment to innovation, both companies are continually adapting their platforms to provide the best opportunities for the businesses and organizations that employ them.

Yammer and IdeaScale are both also invested in sustainable innovation. As the world changes rapidly, those innovations must arise just as rapidly, and the best way to assure that occurs is with a continuous pipeline of ideas. Yammer and IdeaScale create an environment that makes crowdsourcing ideas easier, which in turn makes innovation that much easier.

Yammer and IdeaScale have worked to create such an environment, because of our dedication to the concept of collaboration through crowdsourcing. In that regard, we are something like cousins to each other, with IdeaScale utilizing an idea management framework and Yammer providing social network. For IdeaScale, we each spur crowdsourcing of not only conversation, but fully-developed ideas, and then encouraging the evaluation of those ideas for business sense and resources.

Both companies have a great belief in the importance of agency. Our software empowers participation and input from all stakeholders, a trait on which Yammer also prides itself. As their website conveys, “Yammer gives everyone a voice, letting you seize opportunities to go beyond your job description and share ideas to move you and your company forward.” IdeaScale provides the opportunity for member-generated ideas to rise to the surface based on their merit, as well as input provided on those ideas from all levels. Yammer and IdeaScale both realize that the next big idea could come from anywhere, and strive to provide a receptive platform for that idea.

We are excited to be embarking on this new relationship with Yammer, an organization with a mission so closely aligned to our own. To find out more about the many uses for Yammer, to read customer stories, and find out about pricing, visit their website.

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