IdeaScale and the Department of Energy Launch The American Energy Data Challenge

Berkeley, Calif., Nov 21, 2013 – The Department of Energy in collaboration with the Presidential Innovation Fellows have launched the American Energy Data Challenge on the IdeaScale platform. The contest issues an invitation to the American public to source new and impactful uses of energy data in order to re-imagine America’s energy infrastructure.newsflash

This challenge which focuses on energy ideas, however, is only one in a series of public contests that will award contributors with prizes totaling $10,000. The program has many goals, among them introducing the public to the valuable data and resources offered by the Energy Department, creating new ways to visualize and discover energy data, and spurring the development of new tools and services that leverage these high-value data sets in ways that benefit the American people, and more.

The American Energy Data Challenge is one of several challenge-based communities that IdeaScale has launched in recent months. This first challenge sprint will run from November 6th announced in the coming months.

“IdeaScale is in the business of empowering real change, “says Rob Hoehn, CEO and Founder of IdeaScale, “and sometimes that means effecting business bottom lines, sometimes that means giving voices to minorities, and in this case that means changing how we think about and use energy in a critical time.”

About IdeaScale:
IdeaScale is the largest cloud-based innovation software platform in the world with more that 25,000 customers and 4 million users. The software allows organizations to involve the opinions of public and private communities by collecting their ideas and giving users a platform to vote. The ideas are then evaluated, routed, and delivered on the back-end, making IdeaScale the engine of innovation. IdeaScale’s current client roster includes industry leaders, such as EA Sports, NBC, NASA, Xerox and the Executive Office of the President. For more information about IdeaScale, visit

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