Ideas Crowdsourcing

Ideas Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing delivers valuable insights about your customers and how they perceive your business. You can use it to both tap into the wisdom of the masses and as a feedback tool to learn where you can better serve your clients.

But, what is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing Definition

A portmanteau of the words “crowd” and “outsourcing,” crowdsourcing is any activity where you draw on a large pool of talent or funding from outside your organization. Kickstarter is a good example of crowdsourcing.This leverages their knowledge and expertise to achieve business goals. It’s also called network intelligence, micro-tasking, mass collaboration, open innovation, or collective wisdom. Ideas crowdsourcing, in particular, is when an individual or organization reaches out to a large network of people to develop, refine, and implement ideas.

Crowdsourcing has become more prevalent as knowledge has become more widely distributed and as it’s become clear that a broad collection of perspectives is needed to deliver truly effective products and services. The ideas can relate to any topic, including product development, process improvement, cost savings ideas, inventions, business maturation, citizen engagement, city planning, and so on.

Crowdsourcing can be conducted through surveys, promotions, contests, and various other methods. Ultimately, crowdsourced input can serve as a key component in open and internal innovation.

Watch the video below and hear Rob Wilmot touch on essential points of crowdsourcing. The video guides you through bringing in more people to create a tight-knit community of crowdsourced ideas.

Crowdsourcing Ideas for Businesses

As crowdsourcing grows in popularity, there have been some thoughtful and effective uses worth studying. Here are some crowdsourcing tips that can help you set you up for success:

  • Be specific—The early stages of your crowdsourcing project are crucial. The experience will only be productive if you clearly define your goals and communicate those details effectively with the crowd.
  • Engage frequently—Checking in on the progress of your crowdsourcing project regularly will keep the crowd on the right path. Having an active presence in the process will allow you to monitor the growth of your campaign and increase the likelihood of generating stronger results, especially since you’ll be providing feedback and direction along the way.
  • Open yourself up to new ideas—One of the major advantages of using crowdsourcing sites is that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll see a high volume of ideas come through. However, sometimes finding the best idea among the crowd requires some deliberation. If you have a handful of ideas you like, reflect on them and make a decision from there.

How do You Crowdsource with IdeaScale?

IdeaScale is a  crowdsourcing innovation platform that has distinguished itself in the area of open innovation. This means of all the activities that are possible within the field of crowdsourcing, IdeaScale focuses primarily on the collection, organization, and implementation of great ideas.

IdeaScale has built out a comprehensive methodology that is entirely focused on crowdsourcing innovation ideas—gathering great ideas, building teams around them, refining those ideas into meaningful pitches, and selecting the best ideas to help build an effective organization. It can be used for crowd creativity at any scale and even crowdfunding, depending on the campaign and its design.

So with the IdeaScale, organizations get much more than access to a good set of ideas – they become capable of transforming their business with the collaborative help of the crowd who will populate their innovation pipeline with ideas that will help propel their organization forward. Those businesses that collaborate with the crowd also benefit in numerous other ways, spanning employee or customer relations, improved brand sentiment, product development roadmap, and much more.


IdeaScale allows the integration of Google Analytics or any other web trafficking tools into your IdeaScale code.

Attachment Uploads

Users can submit file attachments as pitches directly to idea pages. These attachments render inline and can even expand to full-screen mode.

Custom Content

All language, imagery, and architecture within an IdeaScale community is customizable. Admin teams can choose to edit themselves or with IdeaScale’s UX team.

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