Idea Generation Software

Idea Generation Software

What is Idea Generation Software?

In Dr. Patrick Shih’s dissertation titled, “Brainstorming Beyond the Laboratory,” he writes “Idea generation has been a topic of creativity research for over half of a century. First proposed by [Alex Faickney] Osborn, brainstorming has grown to be the most popular idea generation technique. Brainstorming is an idea generation technique that focuses on using quantity to breed quality.” Idea generation software provides a real-time tool for companies to house their brainstorming ideas. The software itself is an innovative platform where teams of individuals (both internally and externally) can submit ideas, inventions, and problem-solving strategies. The software also helps to facilitate open communication between external and internal stakeholders of a company—the cornerstone of open innovation.

Why Am I Hearing So Much about Idea Generation Software?

Crowdsourcing and open innovation seem to be all the rage these days and for good reason. Twenty years ago, a business might post a virtual suggestion box, and if customers were motivated to take part they would submit a suggestion. However, the 21st century has opened our eyes to the power of social networking. Social networking is more than just status messages and memes, it created a foundation for what valuable insights lie beyond the brick and mortar team of innovators. Idea generation software is a byproduct of social networking, and one that allows companies to hear real-time, dynamic solutions from their customer base, business partners, and fully-engaged industry professionals. The collaborative energy that is ignited within this software forces companies to be more self-aware about the far-reaching impact of their brand and its products. Like social networking, idea generation software has everyone talking and better yet, all of the idea neurons firing!

How does Idea Generation Software work?

Idea generation software provides structure to open innovation. Without this software, ideas would fall through the cracks and fail to get proper attention. If every innovation idea came via email, things could get messy or worse, forgotten. This unique software provides organization to the crowdsourcing model. As an added benefit, it allows a company to categorize based on topic, teams, and stages of development. Organization and idea management lie at the heart of this software. And because it houses all contributions to your company, it makes it easy for stakeholders to revisit previous submissions and rework an idea that can be applied to future company challenges.

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