How Technology Changes Our Home in the Most Unexpected Ways

Technology is constantly changing our lives. It improved our communication and transportation, it increased the pace of business and development, it’s changed government and our families. It has also impacted our home in the most unexpected ways. As we head towards a fully-automated future, we can see many indicators of how technology changes our house. With technology, we can make our home a convenient place to stay. We can create home improvement projects easy and fast. The possibilities are limitless. Technologies that are changing our home in the most unexpected ways are smart lights, thermostats, digital assistants, fast internet connections, smart television, and entertainment (to name a few). Let’s look at how a few of them are influencing us.

1) Fast Internet Connections

With internet connections, communication is convenient and fast. In one click, we can talk to our loved ones who are miles away. These connections have brought us to the rest of the world: families can reunite, businesses can conduct research and studies without spending millions, entrepreneurs can grow, expand and communicate through a platform. These are some of the positive impacts of interconnectivity. At the same time, it asks us to be responsible for the flow of information (especially for parents who want a say in the content that their children see).

2) Home Improvement Technology

Smart lights, thermostats, and digital assistants are some of the many home improvement technologies. Smart lights help us in so many ways. They can improve our sleeping patterns. And with technology, we can make our home voice activated. In a single command, we can enable the thermostat to adjust the temperature in our homes. Even without voice commands, we can set the digital assistants in our home to conform to our living conditions. These assistants can prompt us if there’s something wrong with the HVAC. They can let us know if the air filter needs replacing.

Smart appliances can make our cooking more convenient than before. They can aid you in preparing meals in under 15 minutes without sacrificing taste and nutrition.

These smart technologies make our life easier. However, these technologies make us too dependent on convenience and comfort. This dependency on technology, sometimes, impair our judgment, because sometimes we forget to stay physically active.

3) Home Entertainment

Back in the 1990s, television series were the thing. People were happy with knitting hobbies and other simple forms of entertainment, reading physical books, joining a sports club, or simply listening to a radio. These entertainment ways are still the same except that they have evolved. Now, everything is digital.

Back then, cassette tapes or CD’s are the methods of recording music. Today, we can download them from online sites. We can buy them in digital music stores. Now, the easiest way to obtain books is through an eBook subscription. In a click of a button, we can download thousands, even millions of books to read. Before, watching movies means going to a movie house with popcorn in one hand. We don’t need to go out to enjoy our favorite film anymore. A subscription will suffice. After a day of showing a movie on the big screen, we can download the online version. We can watch a video over and over until we know every dialogue and scene.

Final Thoughts

Technology is great in making our lives more comfortable and more convenient than ten years ago. It affects our lives in so many ways. It improves communication, home living conditions, and education systems. However, relying too much on technologies can be a bad thing. Technology can impair our better judgment. It makes us unhealthy in some ways. After all, for a healthy life, we need more than convenience. We also need physical activity and to put our devices down every once in awhile. 

This guest post is authored by Jimmy Milner.  He spends most of his time in his garage-turned-wood workshop. He loves tinkering with tools and using them to complete beautiful home improvements for his lovely family. Air Tool Guy is where he shares tips, experience and passion to fellow DIY-ers.

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