Police and Community: How Citizens Can Help the Police Improve Quality of Life

NYPD-coverOne of the commonalities for our Innovation Management Awards winners this year was the focus on quality of life. The improvement of quality of life is also a key focus for the New York Police Department (NYPD), and they’re using IdeaScale to do it.

Following years of declining support for the NYPD, the police department felt they needed to make a concerted effort to regain the trust of the people of New York; so those people would have faith in the NYPD’s ability to do their jobs, and so the people would feel comfortable with the police officers who are meant to be serving their communities.

As part of this effort, the NYPD partnered with IdeaScale beginning in April 2015 in order to increase engagement among citizens, specifically hoping to learn about issues that will help improve the quality of life for their neighborhoods. Targeting social media as a method of communication, essentially crowd-sourcing priorities based on the needs and suggestions of neighborhood residents. One way that IdeaScale was uniquely suited to help the NYPD reach their goals was its ability to restrict access to those who live in a particular area.

This pilot program was deployed in six model precincts, and has been a smashing success. The NYPD has received and addressed over 300 quality of life issues, ranging from noise complaints to graffiti to traffic.

Perhaps the best impact, though, is the positive relationships that have been built as a result. Citizens are feeling better, and cops feel like they’re doing good work. Increased quality of life all around!

To find out more about IdeaScale’s partnership with the NYPD, click here to read the recent case study.

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