Hot Topic: Community Moderation

492098001_736a71e3b1_oIdeaScale often receives questions about best practices and ideas for training and encouraging successful moderators. The questions go something like this:

-What role does moderation play in a successful community?
-How do you encourage moderators to do a good job?
-How can you make a moderator’s job easier?

A lot of these questions are things that we look into; researching statistics, alternative methods, and, of course, reaching out to our most successful clients to find out how they’re driving the product.

In this case, the process and practices run quite the gamut, with some clients simply require conversational engagement with community members from their moderators and others who create imaginative and complex idea procedures that include in-person workshop retreats or panel review sessions.

At IdeaScale, we’ve found some of the common threads that we think will be useful to anyone looking to better manage their community and conversation. We’ve assembled them into a tip sheet and are always looking for stories from you.

Download our Moderation Engagement Tip Sheet here.

How do you engage your communities? What is the process that governs the innovation process at your organization?

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