Hot Topic: Community Engagement

4959657395_21e26e2df2_oIdeaScale often receives questions about best practices and ideas for generating exciting community engagement. The questions go something like this:

-How do you get people to join a community?
-How do you get members to contribute to a community?
-How do you keep them coming back?
-How do you up-level the quality of contributions that we’re bringing to the table.

We do a lot of industry research, but we also like to put these questions back to our clients who have built successful, long-term communities and ask them what they’ve learned. We’ve been gathering those responses for a little while and are eager to share what we’ve learned with our larger community of subscribers since these best practices will go a long way to optimize any crowdsourcing effort.

IdeaScale has assembled the common responses into a share-able one-page document that can help launch or adapt communities. We’ve given examples of how other customers have tailored these solutions to their communities, but if you want a chance to brainstorm ideas on what might work best for your community, we’d love it if you wanted to start the conversation here.

Download the Community Engagement Tip Sheet here.

How do you engage your communities? What is the best way to keep them coming back for more?

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