Holiday Incentives – Let’s Get Festive!


Holiday Incentives - Let’s get festive

The holiday season is a great time to crowdsource, because creativity will be at its peak when people mix at holiday parties and share new ideas. But, it’s also a challenging time for engagement because there are plenty of competing priorities.

To capture the energy of holiday season with lots of ideas, we recommend:

  • Set a goal for idea submission
  • Set an incentive for idea submission
  • … and when it comes to outreach, keep it timely

Here are some fun incentives, both monetary and non-monetary, that you can offer this holiday season:

  • Close at lunchtime on the last day before break if xx% of the teamsubmits an idea
  • Company donation to top submitter’s favorite charity
  • Amazon gift card for gifting season
  • Recognition and photos with CEO at the holiday party
  • Recognition in the holiday newsletter
  • CEO sings karaoke at holiday party to song of winner’s choice
  • Private holiday coffee hour, cocktails, or meal with the CEO for top idea submitters and their spouses
  • Work from home for the last week before holiday
  • Tickets for your family to a Holiday show or event of your choice
  • Massage therapist gives 15 minute massages to the top 10 idea submitters
  • For each idea submitted, receive 1 hour of time off for last minute holiday prep.
  • Ring in the new year! – Park in CEO’s spot during the first week of the year.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility campaign: Submit ideas for a charity at which all employees should volunteer for a day. Author of winning idea gets a match of his/her holiday bonus donated to said charity.

Be sure to capture the energy and spirit of the season!

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